Thursday, March 13, 2014

Too little godwit's growing on

In 2013 , an estimated circa 8900 godwit chicks fledging become , according to research from compare species Netherlands . That is not enough to compensate the average mortality and keeping the population. Stable One bright spot is that the godwit population less has deteriorated rapidly than previous years, with three percent , compared to five percent . (see also: obat burung)

In recent years, a new method was put into practice in order to obtain the number of young godwits that fly out every year in the Netherlands estimates. The purpose of this is to keep the holes of the development of the breeding success of the Dutch population grutto . It is known that an inadequate breeding success is the main cause of the sharp deterioration of the godwit .

 Godwit color ring , Jouke Altenburg )

Method to calculate the total number of fledged godwits
The method makes use of observations on stopping after the breeding season , in combination with the fact that in recent years there grutto chicks in the Netherlands, are provided with colored rings. After fledging these color-ringed birds mingle among their non -ringed species in the staging groups , which can be determined what proportion of young birds color rings wear . The " color ring density ' in these samples , multiplied by the total number of pups in that year was ringed , provides an estimate of the total number of black-tailed godwit guy that's flown in the Netherlands. Divided by the number of breeding pairs in the Netherlands, the estimated number of pups , the number of fledglings can be calculated . Per breeding pair

Breeding success too low
In 2013 275 chicks were ringed in total , of which 143 (52 % ) in southwest Friesland and 49 elsewhere in the province (including Ameland , Friesland total of 70% ) . From June to August 2013 are distributed by volunteers in Netherlands groups staging young godwits for the presence of color-ringed birds . Each group perceived they scored , including the total number of young godwits and the number thereof wore color rings .

Based on the data collected, the total number of godwit chicks that became fledging in the Netherlands in 2013 can be estimated at 8900. This estimate is about 37 % higher than for 2011 , but 17 % lower than in 2012. On this basis, it can be argued that the breeding success in 2013 was probably too low to stabilize the population. (see also: vitamin burung)

Rich pastures good for godwit chicks
One of the causes of failure are great for godwits is the lack of food . Godwit chicks eat insects that are found on flowers and herbs in the grass . What more flowery grass , the more food can be found there .

RSPB is campaigning for more 'rich pastures . " Everyone can help by drawing on the petition.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ground orchids Room Decorator Home

Orchid Plant Soil Decorator room house is different from his other orchid species , if another of his life stuck in the tree , if the orchid is not , it is appropriate naman ground orchid , yes , of course, his life was with soil media as other ornamental plants her .
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Ground Orchid Room Decorator Home

Ground orchids

This one orchid plants can grow well only by using a planting soil , and its growth can reach a height of approximately 45 cm , the length of its leaves can reach 5 to 7 cm , and its leaves can grow either above merumpun soil , and flower stalks will appear among its leaves .

To note if you want or have this one ornamental plants in the house , and that needs to consider is how his treatment , so it is always flowering plants and not see death , orchids are not too fond of this type of soil conditions are too wet , so this plant requires regular media bias , because the roots of these plants do not like temperatures that are too humid .

To stimulate the interest shoots his quick exit is by way of his watering set , that is by intermittent or let the first medium in the upper part of his land rather sweat a little , after the new flush again , do keep on like that , his usual way it is very effective to stimulate new flower buds appear her .

And to reproduce the ground orchids is not difficult , just by separating the new shoots that have grown up and old enough to be moved to another place , so if you want to develop or reproduce these plants have to be really patient and observant and maintain plant seeing this one .
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Ground Orchid Room Decorator Home
So is a little info about Orchid Plant Soil Decorator room house , hopefully you menginfirasi allude room in your home in order to be healthy and comfortable .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Temperature extremes north pole, 3 types of these eagles migrate to Indonesia

ProFauna Indonesia says there are three types of eagles that are currently being migrated to Indonesia . The reason , because the polar region to climate change that caused the crisis of food for the hawks .( see also: lomba burung )

Observers eagle from ProFauna Indonesia , Astuti Made in Malang , Wednesday ( 23/10 ) , said the three types of eagles that are being migrated to Indonesia it was kind of Alap China ( Accipiter soloensis ) , Nippon Alap hawk ( Accipiter gularis ) , and eagle Sikep Asian Honey ( varnish ptilorhynchus ) .

" In the northern hemisphere it is winter , so the hawks looking for a warm place to look for food . Due to the winter they will have difficulty obtaining food , " Made Astuti said on the sidelines of hawk migration observation in the City of Stone Mountain Lots .

As reported by Reuters , Made explained , Alap eagle China comes from China . Route that bypassed the group who migrated to Indonesia eagle it is from China to Thailand , Malaysia , Singapore , Riau , Jambi , Palembang , Lampung , Java , and continues to East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) .

Typically , said Made , migrating hawks that will settle in the province or Sulawesi . The eagle glad migrate to Indonesia because it is the tropics and many types of food .

According to him , from the observations so far, at the time of migration , the eagle help control agricultural pests , such as snakes , rats , squirrels , and other types of insects , including grasshoppers .

Each stop somewhere , he said , the group was resting eagle about two days and then went on again and it's usually where they rest in the mountains . " Therefore , we observe the migration of various types of eagles in Stone Mountain Lots , " he said .

Meanwhile hawk migration route Nipon ( Japan ) to Indonesia through Taiwan , the Philippines , and went to Borneo . However , both China and the eagle Nipon Eagles will return to their respective countries around January to March .

For route and the number of eagles that return to their home areas , ProFauna had never recorded because of the weather , so the only recorded his arrival only.

Typically , said Made , a group of migrating hawks that can be up to 50 animals . Migration that happens every day , especially in September and October . In September they had departed migration , to Java in October .

" Three types of eagles that usually can migrate together . Nearly every day thousands of migrating hawks , " he said .

Eagle fly different systems with other bird species . Eagle harness geothermal , the more heat , the higher they fly .( see also: lomba burung kenari )

" Geothermal is to accelerate the rollout to the destination . If the above at 12.00 , they are flying high between 2000-4000 meters above sea level ( masl ) , " he said , explaining .