Wednesday, May 28, 2014

There Is No Support Instruction Prabowo-Hatta, PPP cadres Pamekasan Not Moving

Kader United Development Party ( PPP ) Pamekasan , East Java , which sits in the seat parliament Pamekasan claimed to have been instructed to provide support for the presidential candidate Prabowo - Hatta Airport on July 9 presidential election . Therefore , they have not moved garner support began to twig branch level .

Iskandar , Pamekasan PPP member , said , although in the center of the PPP coalition has agreed to support partner - Hatta Prabowo , but in Pamekasan there is still no formal instruction from DPC chairman of PPP .

He further argued that the instruction was essential to strengthening support to the lower level . Although there has been no instruction from DPC PPP cadres in parliament Pamekasan will remain loyal to the ruling party that has clearly supports to mate Prabowo - Hatta .
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" But I ask firmness to the DPC PPP to immediately issue instructions that cadres solid , " said Iskandar , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

In general , according to Iskandar , every cadre PPP already have an idea of ​​a candidate who will be supported . Even cultural figures support the PPP has also set up systematically . Moreover, PPP in Pamekasan be Pileg election winner yesterday .

Meanwhile , Wazirul Jihad , General Secretary PPP Pamekasan DPC admitted that he has to establish communication with the governing parties in Pamekasan as national party coalition . Prabowo - Hatta bearer party had closed ranks to victory in Pamekasan .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Timses Will Take advantage of the World Cup for "Selling" Jokowi-JK

Joko Widodo winning team - mate Jusuf Kalla will utilize two great momentum in June 2014. Two momentum it was the 2014 World Cup and holy month of Ramadan which falls in mid- June .

" For those who love or hobby football , the World Cup , could also campaigned in busy schedules . , There are two events this June , to the fasting month and the World Cup , " said Secretary General PDIP Tjahjo Kumolo when opening a coordination meeting of PDI - P to winning the presidential election in 2014 in Senayan , Jakarta , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

Chairman of the winning team Jokowi - JK said , all parties supporting the machine will move to win the election . All internal coordination meeting will finalize the strategy by the end of May 2014 . In June 2014 , the strategy will focus on strengthening the witness in each polling place .
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Campaign team , said Tjahjo , targeted for completion by May 29 , including being a team of volunteers who will be involved in order to mobilize voters and observers on the ground .

Jokowi- JK carried by the shaft of the PDI - P with Nasdem Party , the National Awakening Party , and Hanura . All party supporters have formed a national campaign team headed by Tjahjo Kumolo .

Moment of the campaign , all the characters of each party to campaign supporters will be divided in different regions . Jokowi The campaign will focus on the Indonesian island of Java and the western part , while JK in eastern Indonesia .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Jokowi Sea Prioritize Infrastructure Development

Presidential candidate Joko Widodo prioritize infrastructure development in the sea than on land in the goal of achieving a sense of economic justice in communities across the nation.

" I think the issue of infrastructure is not only happening in East Kalimantan alone , but other areas such as Sulawesi , Sumatra and Papua are also experiencing the same thing , '' said Joko .

'' But , for me , the improvement of infrastructure in the sea is more important than exist on the ground , " said Jokowi after attending a session Tanwir Muhammadiyah in Samarinda , East Kalimantan , on Saturday.
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In addition , Joko also explained various programs related to the future of agriculture and development issues in Indonesia .

Related infrastructure , Joko had the idea to build a toll road in the sea or territorial waters of Indonesia as a connecting line between one and the other regions in the archipelago .

" This marine infrastructure facilitates ease of distribution logistics throughout the archipelago , so the sense of fairness of the price of Java , Sumatra , Ambon to Papua can be achieved , " he said .

Joko arrival in East Kalimantan are not only focused on Muhammadiyah Tanwir attend Assembly se, because some of the agenda had been scheduled to be attended by Joko while in East Kalimantan .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

KPK Prevent Suryadharma Ali Traveling Abroad

KPK asked Immigration to prevent the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali traveling abroad.

Deputy Justice Minister Denny Indrayana said that prevention is done related to the investigation of cases of corruption organizing hajj 2012-2013.

"Menginfokan new prevented from KPK. Prevented by SKEP No. KEP-720/01/05/2014 dated May 22, 2014.

Name: Suryadharma Ali, TTL: Jakarta, 19 September 1956, Occupation: Minister of Religious Affairs.
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Preventive measures related to the investigation of corruption crimes organizing Hajj 2012-2013 year, "said Denny, via text message, on Thursday (05/22/2014).

According to him, Suryadharma prevented during the next six months starting from May 22, 2014.

Previously, the Commission set Suryadharma as a suspect.
Chairman of the United Development Party was allegedly committed an unlawful act and the abuse of authority related to the implementation of the Hajj.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

There JK and Hatta, New Government Will Remain Pro Market

Indonesia's economy like it or not focused on the market . In addition to market orientation , merajarelanya imported goods in traditional markets is one proof of Indonesia's economy also has a dependency on imported goods .

Research Director of Research & Consulting Saiful Mujani ( SMRC ) Djayadi Hanan said , the upcoming presidential difficult to make radical changes in the economic field . According to him , the figure of vice-presidential candidate in the next election ( Jusuf Kalla and Hatta Radjasa ) very pro-market .

" For example, from the pros to the market is not pro-market . Jokowi Because there JK , IN Prabowo there Hatta equally pro- market and even market players , tough no radical change in the economy , " said Hanan Djayadi in discussions " Prediction of Indonesian Economic Direction post- Election " in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .
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Djayadi explains , there are several causes of the next president is difficult to do a radical change in the economic field . First , the current multi-party system makes maximum Presidential system is not as strong parliamentary House of Representatives .

" While in the multi-party system , the president is difficult to remove the radical policies , including in parliament on the economy because we are stronger , " he said .

Second , ministerial positions directly related to the economic tendency is always occupied by the party . It would be contradictory because of the interest of a group to where it should be oriented to the people .

Therefore , Djayadi suggested, that the ministries which are directly related to the economy occupied by professional people -oriented to the interests of the people .

" Certain strategic posts should not be given to the political parties , such as economics minister and Minister of State, which is directly related to the economy , " he said .


Monday, May 19, 2014

SMA Robbed, Three sequesters

Public High School ( SMAN ) 11 Jatiasih , Bekasi , visited by robbers on Monday ( 5/19/2014 ) morning . Three school security officers also were held in the school lobby in the robbery .

" There was a robbery at SMA 11 Jatiasih . Robbed three security guards . Inventory at the school was taken . Happened around 03:00 hours this morning , " said Head of Public Relations Section Bekasi City Police Siswo on , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Siswo said , the number of robbery amounted to 8 people . They use sharp weapons such as sickles and machetes . According Siswo , found some evidence at the crime scene . It was , among other things, pieces of rope allegedly used to bind the victim .
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Police also found a crowbar , a sum of U.S. $ 20,000 , a single broken padlocks , and one mobile phone that allegedly belonged to the victim . According Siswo , robbery allegedly entered the school grounds by jumping the fence . Then , they threatened a security guard with a sharp weapon and using a rope tied Rapiah in the school lobby .

Furthermore , the offender opened the door and unload school TU berangkas school . Robbers take cash amounting to Rp 5,000,000 . In addition they also take a single digital camera , 43 units of the tablet , and two mobile phones belonging to the security guard .

Jatiasih police chief , Commissioner Melda Sitohang confirmed the incident . Currently it is under investigation to arrest the perpetrators . " We are still in the hunt for the alleged perpetrators were 8 guys , " he said .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

PAN presidential candidate Prabowo Official Support

National Mandate Party ( PAN ) officially provide support to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees DPP Indonesia Movement Party , Prabowo , as a presidential candidate in the presidential elections July 9, 2014 . Such support is provided directly to Prabowo as a result of the National Working Meeting ( Conggress ) PAN in determining the direction of the coalition .

"We have determined that the PAN will unanimously coalition with Gerindra , " said Chairman of the DPP PAN Hatta Rajasa Conggress decision when reading the contents in the Office of the DPP PAN , Pasar Minggu , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) .

Hatta said the decision to move closer to Gerindra derived from the expectations of the chairman of the Regional Board of PAN . He claimed the decision was taken because of the similarity platform to address the nation's problems ahead , including the equalization and improvement of well-being .
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" We in the coalition set based on a consideration of what I can not , but we are more fundamental , " said former Coordinating Minister for the Economy .

In addition to supporting a presidential candidate Prabowo , PAN also proposed Hatta as the running mate Prabowo will accompany the 2014 presidential election .

In the same space , Prabowo grateful for the support of PAN . He claimed to feel the strong support of PAN cadres who were in the room to make Hatta as vice .

" But , for the sake of carrying out political and ethical tradition that prioritizes manners , we take ( these proposals in ) coalition in a larger forum , " said the former commander of the Special Forces .

The leaders of both parties were also seen present in the declaration. Of the PAN , present Chairman of the Advisory Council of the DPP party PAN , Amien Rais , Deputy Chairman of the DPP Drajad Wibowo PAN , and PAN DPP Secretary General Taufik Kurniawan . As of Gerindra present DPP Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the party Gerindra Djojohadikusomo Hashim , Chairman Gerindra Suhardi DPP , and the DPP Secretary General Ahmad Muzani PAN .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quick response Jokowi-Ahok Face on education

Towards the middle of the year , absorption Jakarta Provincial Government has reached 8 percent . Governor and Deputy Governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo and Basuki Purnama Tjahaja quickly responded that the leaders held a meeting with the head of each work unit area or on education .

" Tomorrow (today ) we hold a recent meeting to discuss it . Was necessary discussion of details , " said Basuki , Sunday ( 04/05/2014 ) yesterday .
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The low absorption expressed by the Head of Financial Management ( BPKD) Endang Widjajanti while briefing Services Unit Procurement Regional ( ULP ) to the ranks of the Echelon II and III at City Hall , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) then . Additionally Endang said , new capital expenditure of 0.06 percent . This condition is slower as the year 2013 .

Head of Regional Development Planning Board ( Bappeda ) Mappapoleonro Andi Baso said , because of the low absorption of the budget on education ranks sluggish in terms submit the application documents to the ULP auction . Therefore , the budget can not be absorbed .

" The total request for the auction there were 7,000 to 50,000 more activities . , But who have entered the new ULP 302 . Severity of the condition is already complete and ready to be implemented only 26 items , " said Andi , last Friday .

Andi suggested , SKPDs petition auction process immediately obvious that the package can be done , for example, land clearing or foundation project . The rest can be re- budgeted in the budget changes , slated for late 2014 or 2015.

Andi said , the ranks of the budget on education as users are less responsive and nimble in terms completes tender application documents . Ranks on education often use the old paradigm by applying for auction without equip it with the terms .

" Though there socialization , guidance . Years must be no longer a transition year , but it has to be finished years . Has been an emergency we do not longer use the old mindset , " said Andi .

" Anyway , no later than the filing of the petition auction May 16, 2014 . If the passing of it , I do not know anymore lah . Was already the authority of the governor what to do with them , " said Andi .

ULP is a city government agency formed to tighten the budgeting process . With ULP , centralized procurement of goods and services to the unit and did not spread in SKPDs as before . Thus , the auction process more rigorous and transparent .

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo City Council blamed as the source of the low absorption rate of 2014. Wish ratification of the budget in 2014 by the representatives of the people are not slow , sure Jokowi absorption will be much higher than they are now happening .

" Yesterday ( 2013 ) legalization anytime . We have already proposed from the middle of the year , but the passing of the old right . , But already , I think we have to fast alone , and do not be thinking - and then , " he said .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Air Attack Kills Dozens of People in Aleppo

At least 33 people were killed in an air strike in the top of a market controlled by rebel groups in the Syrian city of Aleppo . Aleppo activists said government helicopters dropped three bombs in the region , which was then filled with people who are shopping .

A video published on the internet showed ambulances across the debris of damaged buildings and wrecked cars . Syrian Rights Observer Group based in London, said the attack occurred in the district of Halak , Thursday, May 1.
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While the number of casualties , according to the Center for Media Aleppo , reaching 40 lives and damaged two residential buildings .

The attack comes a day after government warplanes struck a school in the south and Aleppo killed 18 people , including 10 children .

The UN agency for children and education , UNICEF , had expressed criticism of the two attacks in Aleppo , which is referred to as indiscriminate attacks over the school and civilian targets .

" These attacks seem to escalate , did not appreciate all the calls that have been done to stop this crazy cycle of violence and to avoid violations of international law , " UNICEF said in a statement as written .

Aleppo became a fierce battlefield between government forces and rebel groups , and are often targeted by government air raid .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tio Pakusadewo Will Work On Stage Musical

When the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia in August, actor Tio Pakusadewo will work on a joint musical staging music group Slank .

" It leaked , would create the same musical stage Slank Proklame title 69 , " Tio said when met at Epicentrum region , Brass , Monday, April 28, 2014 .

Proklame is named after the proclamation of independence . " Taken his 69 years of independence from Indonesia this year is the 69th . "
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The man who became known thanks to his role in the big screen movie Love In A slice of bread is also the direction of Garin Nugroho claimed had engaged several times in the cultivation of musical events project . " I was engaged to play music for the movie , " said the man born 2 September 1963 's .

Tio in this project will involve several musicians . However , he said , there are many who need to be contacted and confirmed first . "I can not say much yet, but the legend Ahmad Albar level come to play, " he added .

Future events such as these will more often be done to raise funds construction of a monument to the state emblem , the eagle .

" Look there is no right to peek his head is to the left , there are different forms of grip , " said Indonesian Film Festival Best Actor 1991 . " The plan eagle monument with some hand prop . 's Movement itself but it can support from one of the former President . "


Monday, April 28, 2014

There are dumplings and egg casserole Want to Break When Depok MURI

Head of Division (Head ) Board of Community and Family ( BPMK ) Depok , Dada Supriyatna recognizes only a total of 30 servings of dumplings and boiled eggs are stale and smelly , rest upon the recommendation of the Department Keshatan ( PHO ) Depok suitable for consumption .

' Cause it smelled stale and dumplings and eggs that have incorporated into plastics packaging in hot conditions . Additionally it also prolonged the time of presentation is served from 08.00 pm and consumed at 12.00dan pm so wrapped food packaging plastics exposed to heat so the steam does not out , " Dada said when contacted by Reuters in Depok , Jawa Barat ( West Java ) , Monday ( 28/4 ) .
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According to Dada , it was having difficulty providing dumplings Serves 18 274 in order to solve the current MURI anniversary of the Depok Depok to 15 at City Hall on Sunday ( 27/4 ) . " Made impromptu with a large number of traders dumplings quite overwhelmed . But clearly there is no element of intent , " said Dada as executor organizer .

Dada Further , there are some people who consume experience nausea and vomiting as well as many who are not edible . " From the committee MURI partake in some , there are some that yag tasty and smells sour . Yeah , we apologize if the food served there that had eaten tasted sour and smelly , " he explained .

Dada disclosed , dumplings served purely made from raw materials mocaf made ​​dumplings traders throughout Depok . " We do want meberdayakan dumplings existing traders in Depok well as to promote healthy paganan Depok City Government in accordance with the program that make the program successful One Day No Rice ( ODNR ) , " he explained .

Dada said, Mocaf itself is an abbreviation of Modified Cassava Flour meaning of cassava flour product ( esculenta Crantz manihod ) were processed using the principle of modifying the cells in the fermentation of cassava flour to produce cassava flour with similar characteristics so that it can be used as a substitute for wheat .

According Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail , this activity is done also to socialize mocaf flour derived from cassava . " It is expected that the public know the alternatives to the rice flour flour mocaf are considered more friendly to the health of the human body . , " Said Nur Mahmudi some time ago .

Fatir , broke MURI committee , said it is not aware of any such stale dumplings . " I am confused what should be in charge , because I do not ngerasain it . Clear , but until now there is no need to stuff the event -related response . If there's info- less enjoyable and can be communicated to the validity of the info , please infokan to we let dikroscek , "said Fatir .

Jansen and one of the participants , saying , " I ate dumplings and egg housekeeper was stale smell . Fact there are my friends who vomited . Stout participants who do not want to eat anyway , " he said .

But it is quite unfortunate , Reuters reporter , who wrote about the Rusdy Nurdiansyah dumplings presentation gets stale and smell the terror of the people who are not responsible . For this issue , in the name of Depok City Government , Dada apologize and will try to find people who terrorize the via SMS .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Production Xbox One Pruned

Xbox One may be claimed in demand . However it seems that the amount of production is not comparable with the console on the market demand . As a result , many stock Xbox One accumulate .

Microsoft has just announced that it has shipped more than 5 million units of the Xbox One to the distributor , but not known exactly how many units that have reached the hands of the gamer .

While Sony , in the same period , the PlayStation 4 is already selling more than 7 million units . It is the total units that claimed to have reached the hands of consumers .
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According to Gamasutra quoted on Sunday ( 26/04/2014 ) , demand for Xbox One unexpected turns Microsoft . As an impact of the console output will be reduced or temporarily discontinued .

War as the best-selling console between Xbox One with the PS4 is so hot . Based on data from VGChartz , in the third week of March 2014 and , PS4 successfully sold 220,349 units , up 67 % compared to the previous week . Infamous Game : Second Son allegedly participated boost sales of the console made ​​by Sony .

Meanwhile , the Xbox One at the same time only 132 051 units sold . This amount is lower than the previous week thanks to the help of the game sold 155 157 Titanfall . As of March 22, 2014 Xbox One record has sold 4,021,382 units , while the PS4 sell as many as 6,563,350 units .


Facebook Acquisition Applications Health and Fitness

Currently wearable devices to be excellent in the technology market . It certainly did not want to be ignored by Facebook . It acquired leading social media applications Moves .

The device 's health and fitness technology belonged Facebok since last Thursday .

" We are pleased that the application has joined Moves . This is a form of marketing strategy in a multi - app Facebook , " said a Facebook representative told Mashable .
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Meanwhile , for himself Moves joining the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg is very beneficial .

" Join with Facebook because we have a common mission to develop Moves together , " said founder Moves .
The device 's health said , based on site - Moves , Moves will continue to operate independently, there is no mixing of data related to Facebook .

Moves is a software that can automatically analyze user activity when walking , jogging , bike riding , and other fitness activities . In addition , the performance of Moves has let you know where when users are navigating or like when you want to go somewhere , then Moves will tell him .

As of this year Facebook has acquired WhatsApp and buy Oculus VR .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jokowi Want To Remove Monopoly Supply Cut chicken in Jakarta

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo want to remove the monopoly supply of food , particularly chicken pieces , to the capital . Jakarta Provincial Government has been exploring cooperation with the Provincial Government of Lampung to achieve this goal .

First , Jakarta Provincial Government through PD Pasar Jaya enterprises will invest some money into a chicken farm in Lampung to increase supply . Second , PD Pasar Jaya , and will invest in the construction of a new abattoir in Lampung .

" The surplus , we ( the government ) that hold the logistic distribution . Not held by a person as long as two or three ," said Jokowi in the poultry farms in the district Tegineneng , Lampung , on Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) afternoon .

Note PD Pasar Jaya , Jakarta broiler consumption could reach 650 thousand head per day , or almost 20 million per month . During this time , the need is met by many around the area of Java and Sumatra . However , parties who refuse Jokowi monopolize distribution .

Jokowi continue , the government will distribute broiler chicken pieces to the set of entrepreneurs in the city . After that , a chicken entrepreneur who sold it to the consumer . Therefore , he asked the businessman chicken pieces in Jakarta do not have to worry about its role was taken over by the government .

" We take the distribution alone . Due to the problem of food security in Jakarta , " said Jokowi .

Race Chairman Poultry Association Lampung Agus Wahyudi said , broiler production in Lampung farms reached 13.5 million per month . Of this amount , 30 percent is distributed to Jakarta .

" If there is more demand so sure we can afford . Breeders us there are 2,000 farmers in Lampung . Surely we are more active , " he added .
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Observation , blusukan Jokowi at the chicken farm about 20 minutes . Jokowi briefed by the Chairman of the Association of Poultry Race Lampung and Lampung provincial government officials entered the house contains thousands of chickens .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Failure Parliament Political Money Signs 5 Years Ahead

DPP Chairman of Golkar Party Hajriyanto Y Thohari considers rampant money politics during 9 April 2014 legislative elections could be a picture of the failure of the parliament in the next five years . According to him , money politics will hinder step clean and competent candidates to occupy the legislature .

" Candidates - candidates who play the politics of money is not going to make positive changes in parliament . Instead there were political agents that the money will continue to grow , " said Hajriyanto in Building Complex MPR / DPR RI , Jakarta , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

Vice Chairman of the Assembly that said , there are several causes of the rise of money politics in this election . One is the electoral system that is too personal , no longer proportional party as in previous elections . It facilitate direct interaction between the candidates and the people who become the object of political money .

Education and economic pressure factors also facilitate political dealings with the public money . Political money is also considered to be a culture in the organization of the democratic party . " Promiscuous village head also familiarized play money , as well as choosing the headman , head of the region . So , in pileg or election would be the question , ' How come baseball play money ? '" He said .
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Responding to this , he asked the organizer and supervisor of elections , the Election Commission and the Election Supervisory Board , to be able to change the political paradigm that relies clean of cheating money politics .


CCTV thief in Depok Enter to Toilet

Medika Clinic on Highway Margonda No. 228 / H , Depok , disatroni thieves . Performers are expected to more than one person is successfully carried off a number of valuable items after ruffling some room , Monday, April 21, 2014 .

Not only ruffled , perpetrators also damaged the CCTV or surveillance camera that is by soaking it in a toilet . This case was discovered this morning , when a new caretaker comes clinic .
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" Computers and files compromised , CCTV cameras ditoilet soaked , damaged all . I do not know how many total losses , which clearly fit coming already a mess, " said one of the guards Acong in the clinic .

It is not certain what the total loss because the clinics are reluctant to comment on the case . In fact , one of the clinic's party could expel journalists doing reporting .

" I ask that you remove all of the existing image . I do not want this case to be reported. Already you go out alone , " said Ira , a woman who claimed responsibility in the clinic .

The perpetrator , who is expected to sign in with a way to break through the roof of the clinic , is expected to perform an action at night . There are three CCTV cameras were destroyed .

" While there are three CCTV cameras were destroyed . We are still doing further investigation , " said one member of the Depok Police investigator .


Friday, April 18, 2014

This Institutional Investors Optimistic JCI Translucent 5,300

One of the major institutional investors in the stock market , Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) Employment optimistic composite stock price index ( JCI ) at the end of 2014 may break the 5,300 .

Investment Director Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) Employment Haryadi Jeffery said , the pediksi economic studies conducted by a team of analysts BPJS ago in early 2014 .

These levels can be achieved if the election both the legislative and presidential elections can be run safely and smoothly .

"If the election is safe, smooth , fine, no turmoil , we are sure to reach 5,000 to 5,300 . If you ignore this aspect of the election in 4900 until 5000 , " Jeffery said on the sidelines of the Press Gathering at the Jayakarta Hotel , Bandung , Thursday ( 17 / 4/2014 ) night .

An analysis of the JCI movement into one thing done BPJS . This is because BPJS allocate some funds to invest in stocks , bonds and other securities .
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Currently BPJS still run three types of guarantee schemes , among others, Safety Assurance , Old Age Security and Security Death is still in accordance with the scheme of Social Security while still a PT ( Persero ) .

" Currently, the realization of the investment in the first quarter of 2014 amounted to Rp 4.5 trillion . With JCI to a level that would later help the target at the end of the year we invest around Rp 15.8 trillion , " said Jeffery .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Philips W6618 , Smartphone with Jumbo Battery

Philips has created a smartphone with a jumbo battery power capacity , through Philips W6618 .

Reporting from phonearena , indeed earlier , some vendors have been producing handsets that offer the powerful battery . As in earlier this month , Chinese mobile phone manufacturer , Eton Thor producing an Android smartphone that has a 5,000 mAh battery which is impressive . And now Philips presenting the latest smartphone that comes with a larger battery capacity , ie 5.300mAh .
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Philips W6618 released in China yesterday ( 176/4 ) at a price of USD $ 273 ( 1,699 CNY in local currency ) . Power capacity of 5,300 mAh battery ( non- removable ) can provide standby time of more than two months ( 66 days or 1604 hours ) and talk time up to 33 hours non-stop .

This phone orchestrated Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean , 5 -inch diagonal screen with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels , dual SIM capability , the power of quad-core 1.3GHz processor MediaTek , and supported 1GB of RAM , 4GB of internal memory , and microSD card support . Having a body thickness of 11.6mm , the phone is quite thick . But this is understandable , given the size of the jumbo battery .

Typically , Philips smartphones available only in Asia , though some are also sold in the European market . Unfortunately, Philips has not provide information on whether Philips W6618 also be released outside of China .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Interlocking Seized, Cassowary Owned Former Army Disappear

Animal Rescue Center ( PPS ) Tasikoki feel cheated . Because when they accompany the Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) when will confiscate Cassowary , the protected animals had disappeared from his cage , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) . Whereas the previous day , the bird was still in the cage .

Cassowary is an endemic species from the Papuan , is owned by HP , a former Marine who lives in the Village of Sukur , Environment V , District Airmadidi , North Minahasa .

Willy Smith of PPS Tasikoki deplore the loss of a cassowary . In fact , according to him , when BKSDA yesterday failed to seize the bird, it tries to involve the police .

"Earlier we were to North Minahasa district police , as they were yesterday invited to coordination . Discussion there we can do for the foreclosure cassowary . , But as to the location , the bird was gone , " said Smith .

It is probable , says Smith , the Cassowary deliberately moved by its owners that can not be seized . The bird foreclosure efforts have been done three times . In any foreclosure effort , the owner kept dodging . Smith hopes that relevant parties should pay attention to this in earnest .

" We also will continue to oversee this, because it set a bad precedent in the wildlife rescue efforts in Indonesia , " said Smith .
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Failure foreclosure protected animals owned by residents are common . According to Smith , many years of experience in wildlife rescue program , which has the animal actually officials and businessmen .


What impact Radya Museum Library opened?

Surakarta tourism businesses welcomed the reopening of the Museum Radya Library to close for eight months due renovated . They convinced the museum with a fresh look that could attract tourists.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies ( ASITA ) Surakarta , Darsono , said the travel agency market is getting excited tourist attraction in the city . " Tourist attraction museum has a special market share big enough , " he said , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

Marketing tourism is also supported strategic location of the museum , which is in the region Sriwedari . " Still a building complex with the Puppet People , " he said . In addition , the museum is also close to the Museum Batik Danarhadi are also quite popular .
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According Darsono , Radya Library has a uniqueness that is different from other museums because it is one of the oldest museums in Indonesia . Radya Collections Library also quite interesting , including objects and ancient books . Structuring collections are increasingly organized after the renovation is believed to attract the attention of visitors .

Darsono said some travel agencies in Surakarta already interested in selling tour packages museums . The package is a mainstay Danarhadi Batik Museum and Library Radya . Moreover , Surakarta is currently also building Keris Museum which is also located in Sriwedari . "We can park once visited three museums , " he said .

Even so , it hoped the government also pay attention to the level of the museum visit is still quite small . According Darsono , the government should create a special policy to increase tourist visits to the museum .

One of the policies that can be taken is to direct the activities of organized school excursion to prioritize the visit to the museum . In addition , she hopes school in Central Java also prioritize visited museums in the province in excursion activities .

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association ( IHRA ) Surakarta Abdullah Suwarno sure where the various museums in the city can attract tourists . " Moreover , with the reopening of the Library Radya quite legendary , " he said . According to him , foreign tourists staying at the hotel have a high interest to visit the museum .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Slump Democratic votes in Jakarta, Council Members Said It

Democratic Party members of City Council accused Ahmad Nawawi " dawn raid " to influence voters into causes deterioration of votes the party in Jakarta .

" The dawn attack did in fact exist, do not lie . Proof aplenty that attack our party . 's No need I mention his party . Called What 's great democracy , " Nawawi said when met at the Parliament Building Jakarta , Monday ( 14/4 / 2014 ) .

According to Nawawi , the decline in the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives also affect the party's vote totals in the Capital City . Even so , he realizes that he and a cadre of other Democrats are less close to the community . He argued , people do not look at the party , but seeing persona .

On that occasion , Nawawi denied reports that a lot of the stress of having a cadre of Democrats no longer have seats in parliament . According to him , most candidates fail the stress occurring outside Jakarta . He hopes cadres Democrats in Jakarta do not become stressed if it fails to qualify for Parliament .

Nawawi himself a candidate for the legislature in South Jakarta Dapil 7 ( Tebet , Mampang , Pasar Minggu, Jagakarsa , and Jewel ) with serial number 8 . " I hear it in my constituencies , Democrats can only be one seat in parliament . " Tsunami "in the above the impact to the bottom , " said Nawawi .
( see also: obat burung kenari )

Based on the results of the quick count by the Indonesian Survey Circle ( LSI ) , the Democratic Party in Jakarta only gained 7.36 percent of the vote . With the vote for it , Democrats are expected to receive just eight seats in Parliament for the period 2014-2019 . The total number of contested City Council seats is 106 .

Acquisition was down considerably compared with the results of the 2009 elections . When the Democrats became the winner in Jakarta with 32 of 94 seats in Parliament .


Friday, April 11, 2014

PlayStation Store for PlayStation Mobile Will Release in June 2014

Sony announced ( 9/4 ) that the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Mobile is now offered in 18 states , and 4 countries will increase again on June 25, 2014 .

Reporting from XperiaBlog , four new countries will be added to the list including Austria , India , Poland and Switzerland . Sony also announced that they begin to open up public preview that discusses the " Unity for PlayStation Mobile " and various matters relating to the Play Station Mobile .

PlayStation Mobile eliminates the need to re - coding troublesome , allowing developers to easily port their games are created for the iPhone , iPad , and Android devices to launch on the PlayStation Mobile and deliver their content to the PS Vita .
(see also: Waptrick Video Download)

In addition , Sony also said it would make " PlayStation Mobile Developer Program" which will be expanded to 12 additional countries on May 29, 2014 , including Austria , Brazil , Columbia , India , Indonesia , Malaysia , Peru , Poland , Russia , Singapore , Switzerland , and Thailand . These additions will bring the number of countries that support PlayStation Mobile Developer Program to 32 states . The 18 countries that currently support the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Mobile included are Australia , Belgium , Canada , Denmark , Finland , France , Germany , Ireland , Italy , Japan , Mexico , Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Spain , Sweden , United Kingdom and the United States .


ni vice presidential candidate Jokowi List Name Version PDIP

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) continues to examine a number of names to be used as a candidate for vice president ( vice ) companion Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) .

Among the names of the vice presidential candidate Jokowi anyone from among the political parties , the military , and professional . " We want to not be a problem vice president is an elitist issue should be the issue that answers the needs of the public , " said Chairman of the DPP PDIP Maruarar Sirait told reporters at the office of the DPP PDIP , Friday ( 11/4 ) .

Maruarar said there are three important issues in determining the PDIP seen running mate . Firstly , vice Jokowi should be solving problems of law enforcement and corruption eradication .

Here PDIP saw three figures is taken into account : Basuki Purnama Tjahja ( Ahok ) , Mahfud MD , and Abraham Samad .

Second , PDIP saw a need fix the country's economic affairs . In this context , the word Maruarar , names economies Coordinating Minister , Hatta Rajasa worth considering becoming vice Jokowi .

Third , Maruarar said , PDIP also eyeing the military. Here there are important names such as TNI commander , Moeldoko ; former Army Chief of Staff era of Megawati Sukarnoputri , Ryamizad Ryacudu ; former Army Chief of Staff , Pramod Edhie Wibowo .
(see also: lomba murai batu)

Beyond the figures , there is also the name of Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) took into consideration the PDI-P as vice Jokowi . JK figure considered because they have a qualified social support base . " All the ( vice ) has its own considerations , " said Maruarar .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

HTC Screen M8 Most Responsive

One of the key features on the smartphone screen, which uses a touch screen as a gateway communications and navigation to perform various functions and capabilities. And, determinants of the ability of the touch screen is arguably responsifitasnya level, speed through the touch of the user executing the command.

As quoted from AndroidAuthority, (08/04/2014), HTC M8 mentioned have high responsiveness of the touch screen for the moment. Response speed to deliver orders, receiving input command is 46ms (milliseconds). The first phone with speeds below 50ms.

Speed ​​of response is critical to today, where the mobile device has been much progress in the power of the camera, the storage space (storage), and other processors. It requires a high response speed display, for more leverage.


For information, research shows that touch screen devices such as phones and tablets produced at least 6 months ago or longer, has a screen response speed in the range of 80ms-250ms. Tablet device recorded the slowest average.

In comparison to the HTC One M8, the iPhone screen response 5s were in 75ms, the Samsung Galaxy Note in figure 3 63ms. Kindle Fire Tablet HD at the speed of 114ms response.
(see also: pakan burung pleci)

Speed ​​of touch screen response is certainly not only related to one or two factors alone such as RAM or other memory. But of course related to some other combination of factors. Here, the HTC One (M8) is known to immerse quad-core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 801, Adreno 330 GPU, 2GB RAM


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

8 Richter Scale quake rattles Chile and Potential Tsunami

An earthquake measuring 8 on the Richter scale struck off the Pacific coast of Chile , Tuesday ( 01/04/2014 ) local time on Wednesday ( 04/02/2014 ) pm . The tsunami warning is announced for Chile, Peru , and Ecuador .
(see also: waptrick)

The earthquake occurred at 20:46 pm local time Tuesday or Wednesday at 6:46 pm . The epicenter depth of 10 kilometers , within 83 kilometers of the north coast of Iquique in Chile . Data sourced epicenter of the U.S. Geological Survey ( USGS ) .

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center based in Hawaii issued a tsunami warning following the earthquake . Warnings have also come from the Government of Chile . However , the Government of Chile said the quake was 7.9 on the Richter scale .

Chile has one of the world's most active seismic threat . In February 2010 , an earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale rocked central and southern Chile .
(see also: video clip download)

When the tsunami happened , crashing and destroying dozens of cities , killing more than 500 people and damaging infrastructures with a total loss of about 30 billion U.S. dollars .


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Too little godwit's growing on

In 2013 , an estimated circa 8900 godwit chicks fledging become , according to research from compare species Netherlands . That is not enough to compensate the average mortality and keeping the population. Stable One bright spot is that the godwit population less has deteriorated rapidly than previous years, with three percent , compared to five percent . (see also: obat burung)

In recent years, a new method was put into practice in order to obtain the number of young godwits that fly out every year in the Netherlands estimates. The purpose of this is to keep the holes of the development of the breeding success of the Dutch population grutto . It is known that an inadequate breeding success is the main cause of the sharp deterioration of the godwit .

 Godwit color ring , Jouke Altenburg )

Method to calculate the total number of fledged godwits
The method makes use of observations on stopping after the breeding season , in combination with the fact that in recent years there grutto chicks in the Netherlands, are provided with colored rings. After fledging these color-ringed birds mingle among their non -ringed species in the staging groups , which can be determined what proportion of young birds color rings wear . The " color ring density ' in these samples , multiplied by the total number of pups in that year was ringed , provides an estimate of the total number of black-tailed godwit guy that's flown in the Netherlands. Divided by the number of breeding pairs in the Netherlands, the estimated number of pups , the number of fledglings can be calculated . Per breeding pair

Breeding success too low
In 2013 275 chicks were ringed in total , of which 143 (52 % ) in southwest Friesland and 49 elsewhere in the province (including Ameland , Friesland total of 70% ) . From June to August 2013 are distributed by volunteers in Netherlands groups staging young godwits for the presence of color-ringed birds . Each group perceived they scored , including the total number of young godwits and the number thereof wore color rings .

Based on the data collected, the total number of godwit chicks that became fledging in the Netherlands in 2013 can be estimated at 8900. This estimate is about 37 % higher than for 2011 , but 17 % lower than in 2012. On this basis, it can be argued that the breeding success in 2013 was probably too low to stabilize the population. (see also: vitamin burung)

Rich pastures good for godwit chicks
One of the causes of failure are great for godwits is the lack of food . Godwit chicks eat insects that are found on flowers and herbs in the grass . What more flowery grass , the more food can be found there .

RSPB is campaigning for more 'rich pastures . " Everyone can help by drawing on the petition.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ground orchids Room Decorator Home

Orchid Plant Soil Decorator room house is different from his other orchid species , if another of his life stuck in the tree , if the orchid is not , it is appropriate naman ground orchid , yes , of course, his life was with soil media as other ornamental plants her .
(see also: pakan burung top song)

Ground Orchid Room Decorator Home

Ground orchids

This one orchid plants can grow well only by using a planting soil , and its growth can reach a height of approximately 45 cm , the length of its leaves can reach 5 to 7 cm , and its leaves can grow either above merumpun soil , and flower stalks will appear among its leaves .

To note if you want or have this one ornamental plants in the house , and that needs to consider is how his treatment , so it is always flowering plants and not see death , orchids are not too fond of this type of soil conditions are too wet , so this plant requires regular media bias , because the roots of these plants do not like temperatures that are too humid .

To stimulate the interest shoots his quick exit is by way of his watering set , that is by intermittent or let the first medium in the upper part of his land rather sweat a little , after the new flush again , do keep on like that , his usual way it is very effective to stimulate new flower buds appear her .

And to reproduce the ground orchids is not difficult , just by separating the new shoots that have grown up and old enough to be moved to another place , so if you want to develop or reproduce these plants have to be really patient and observant and maintain plant seeing this one .
(see also: pakan burung)

Ground Orchid Room Decorator Home
So is a little info about Orchid Plant Soil Decorator room house , hopefully you menginfirasi allude room in your home in order to be healthy and comfortable .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Temperature extremes north pole, 3 types of these eagles migrate to Indonesia

ProFauna Indonesia says there are three types of eagles that are currently being migrated to Indonesia . The reason , because the polar region to climate change that caused the crisis of food for the hawks .( see also: lomba burung )

Observers eagle from ProFauna Indonesia , Astuti Made in Malang , Wednesday ( 23/10 ) , said the three types of eagles that are being migrated to Indonesia it was kind of Alap China ( Accipiter soloensis ) , Nippon Alap hawk ( Accipiter gularis ) , and eagle Sikep Asian Honey ( varnish ptilorhynchus ) .

" In the northern hemisphere it is winter , so the hawks looking for a warm place to look for food . Due to the winter they will have difficulty obtaining food , " Made Astuti said on the sidelines of hawk migration observation in the City of Stone Mountain Lots .

As reported by Reuters , Made explained , Alap eagle China comes from China . Route that bypassed the group who migrated to Indonesia eagle it is from China to Thailand , Malaysia , Singapore , Riau , Jambi , Palembang , Lampung , Java , and continues to East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) .

Typically , said Made , migrating hawks that will settle in the province or Sulawesi . The eagle glad migrate to Indonesia because it is the tropics and many types of food .

According to him , from the observations so far, at the time of migration , the eagle help control agricultural pests , such as snakes , rats , squirrels , and other types of insects , including grasshoppers .

Each stop somewhere , he said , the group was resting eagle about two days and then went on again and it's usually where they rest in the mountains . " Therefore , we observe the migration of various types of eagles in Stone Mountain Lots , " he said .

Meanwhile hawk migration route Nipon ( Japan ) to Indonesia through Taiwan , the Philippines , and went to Borneo . However , both China and the eagle Nipon Eagles will return to their respective countries around January to March .

For route and the number of eagles that return to their home areas , ProFauna had never recorded because of the weather , so the only recorded his arrival only.

Typically , said Made , a group of migrating hawks that can be up to 50 animals . Migration that happens every day , especially in September and October . In September they had departed migration , to Java in October .

" Three types of eagles that usually can migrate together . Nearly every day thousands of migrating hawks , " he said .

Eagle fly different systems with other bird species . Eagle harness geothermal , the more heat , the higher they fly .( see also: lomba burung kenari )

" Geothermal is to accelerate the rollout to the destination . If the above at 12.00 , they are flying high between 2000-4000 meters above sea level ( masl ) , " he said , explaining .