Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tio Pakusadewo Will Work On Stage Musical

When the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia in August, actor Tio Pakusadewo will work on a joint musical staging music group Slank .

" It leaked , would create the same musical stage Slank Proklame title 69 , " Tio said when met at Epicentrum region , Brass , Monday, April 28, 2014 .

Proklame is named after the proclamation of independence . " Taken his 69 years of independence from Indonesia this year is the 69th . "
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The man who became known thanks to his role in the big screen movie Love In A slice of bread is also the direction of Garin Nugroho claimed had engaged several times in the cultivation of musical events project . " I was engaged to play music for the movie , " said the man born 2 September 1963 's .

Tio in this project will involve several musicians . However , he said , there are many who need to be contacted and confirmed first . "I can not say much yet, but the legend Ahmad Albar level come to play, " he added .

Future events such as these will more often be done to raise funds construction of a monument to the state emblem , the eagle .

" Look there is no right to peek his head is to the left , there are different forms of grip , " said Indonesian Film Festival Best Actor 1991 . " The plan eagle monument with some hand prop . 's Movement itself but it can support from one of the former President . "


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