Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jokowi Want To Remove Monopoly Supply Cut chicken in Jakarta

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo want to remove the monopoly supply of food , particularly chicken pieces , to the capital . Jakarta Provincial Government has been exploring cooperation with the Provincial Government of Lampung to achieve this goal .

First , Jakarta Provincial Government through PD Pasar Jaya enterprises will invest some money into a chicken farm in Lampung to increase supply . Second , PD Pasar Jaya , and will invest in the construction of a new abattoir in Lampung .

" The surplus , we ( the government ) that hold the logistic distribution . Not held by a person as long as two or three ," said Jokowi in the poultry farms in the district Tegineneng , Lampung , on Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) afternoon .

Note PD Pasar Jaya , Jakarta broiler consumption could reach 650 thousand head per day , or almost 20 million per month . During this time , the need is met by many around the area of Java and Sumatra . However , parties who refuse Jokowi monopolize distribution .

Jokowi continue , the government will distribute broiler chicken pieces to the set of entrepreneurs in the city . After that , a chicken entrepreneur who sold it to the consumer . Therefore , he asked the businessman chicken pieces in Jakarta do not have to worry about its role was taken over by the government .

" We take the distribution alone . Due to the problem of food security in Jakarta , " said Jokowi .

Race Chairman Poultry Association Lampung Agus Wahyudi said , broiler production in Lampung farms reached 13.5 million per month . Of this amount , 30 percent is distributed to Jakarta .

" If there is more demand so sure we can afford . Breeders us there are 2,000 farmers in Lampung . Surely we are more active , " he added .
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Observation Kompas.com , blusukan Jokowi at the chicken farm about 20 minutes . Jokowi briefed by the Chairman of the Association of Poultry Race Lampung and Lampung provincial government officials entered the house contains thousands of chickens .


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