Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Interlocking Seized, Cassowary Owned Former Army Disappear

Animal Rescue Center ( PPS ) Tasikoki feel cheated . Because when they accompany the Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) when will confiscate Cassowary , the protected animals had disappeared from his cage , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) . Whereas the previous day , the bird was still in the cage .

Cassowary is an endemic species from the Papuan , is owned by HP , a former Marine who lives in the Village of Sukur , Environment V , District Airmadidi , North Minahasa .

Willy Smith of PPS Tasikoki deplore the loss of a cassowary . In fact , according to him , when BKSDA yesterday failed to seize the bird, it tries to involve the police .

"Earlier we were to North Minahasa district police , as they were yesterday invited to coordination . Discussion there we can do for the foreclosure cassowary . , But as to the location , the bird was gone , " said Smith .

It is probable , says Smith , the Cassowary deliberately moved by its owners that can not be seized . The bird foreclosure efforts have been done three times . In any foreclosure effort , the owner kept dodging . Smith hopes that relevant parties should pay attention to this in earnest .

" We also will continue to oversee this, because it set a bad precedent in the wildlife rescue efforts in Indonesia , " said Smith .
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Failure foreclosure protected animals owned by residents are common . According to Smith , many years of experience in wildlife rescue program , which has the animal actually officials and businessmen .


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