Monday, April 28, 2014

There are dumplings and egg casserole Want to Break When Depok MURI

Head of Division (Head ) Board of Community and Family ( BPMK ) Depok , Dada Supriyatna recognizes only a total of 30 servings of dumplings and boiled eggs are stale and smelly , rest upon the recommendation of the Department Keshatan ( PHO ) Depok suitable for consumption .

' Cause it smelled stale and dumplings and eggs that have incorporated into plastics packaging in hot conditions . Additionally it also prolonged the time of presentation is served from 08.00 pm and consumed at 12.00dan pm so wrapped food packaging plastics exposed to heat so the steam does not out , " Dada said when contacted by Reuters in Depok , Jawa Barat ( West Java ) , Monday ( 28/4 ) .
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According to Dada , it was having difficulty providing dumplings Serves 18 274 in order to solve the current MURI anniversary of the Depok Depok to 15 at City Hall on Sunday ( 27/4 ) . " Made impromptu with a large number of traders dumplings quite overwhelmed . But clearly there is no element of intent , " said Dada as executor organizer .

Dada Further , there are some people who consume experience nausea and vomiting as well as many who are not edible . " From the committee MURI partake in some , there are some that yag tasty and smells sour . Yeah , we apologize if the food served there that had eaten tasted sour and smelly , " he explained .

Dada disclosed , dumplings served purely made from raw materials mocaf made ​​dumplings traders throughout Depok . " We do want meberdayakan dumplings existing traders in Depok well as to promote healthy paganan Depok City Government in accordance with the program that make the program successful One Day No Rice ( ODNR ) , " he explained .

Dada said, Mocaf itself is an abbreviation of Modified Cassava Flour meaning of cassava flour product ( esculenta Crantz manihod ) were processed using the principle of modifying the cells in the fermentation of cassava flour to produce cassava flour with similar characteristics so that it can be used as a substitute for wheat .

According Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail , this activity is done also to socialize mocaf flour derived from cassava . " It is expected that the public know the alternatives to the rice flour flour mocaf are considered more friendly to the health of the human body . , " Said Nur Mahmudi some time ago .

Fatir , broke MURI committee , said it is not aware of any such stale dumplings . " I am confused what should be in charge , because I do not ngerasain it . Clear , but until now there is no need to stuff the event -related response . If there's info- less enjoyable and can be communicated to the validity of the info , please infokan to we let dikroscek , "said Fatir .

Jansen and one of the participants , saying , " I ate dumplings and egg housekeeper was stale smell . Fact there are my friends who vomited . Stout participants who do not want to eat anyway , " he said .

But it is quite unfortunate , Reuters reporter , who wrote about the Rusdy Nurdiansyah dumplings presentation gets stale and smell the terror of the people who are not responsible . For this issue , in the name of Depok City Government , Dada apologize and will try to find people who terrorize the via SMS .


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