Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What impact Radya Museum Library opened?

Surakarta tourism businesses welcomed the reopening of the Museum Radya Library to close for eight months due renovated . They convinced the museum with a fresh look that could attract tourists.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies ( ASITA ) Surakarta , Darsono , said the travel agency market is getting excited tourist attraction in the city . " Tourist attraction museum has a special market share big enough , " he said , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

Marketing tourism is also supported strategic location of the museum , which is in the region Sriwedari . " Still a building complex with the Puppet People , " he said . In addition , the museum is also close to the Museum Batik Danarhadi are also quite popular .
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According Darsono , Radya Library has a uniqueness that is different from other museums because it is one of the oldest museums in Indonesia . Radya Collections Library also quite interesting , including objects and ancient books . Structuring collections are increasingly organized after the renovation is believed to attract the attention of visitors .

Darsono said some travel agencies in Surakarta already interested in selling tour packages museums . The package is a mainstay Danarhadi Batik Museum and Library Radya . Moreover , Surakarta is currently also building Keris Museum which is also located in Sriwedari . "We can park once visited three museums , " he said .

Even so , it hoped the government also pay attention to the level of the museum visit is still quite small . According Darsono , the government should create a special policy to increase tourist visits to the museum .

One of the policies that can be taken is to direct the activities of organized school excursion to prioritize the visit to the museum . In addition , she hopes school in Central Java also prioritize visited museums in the province in excursion activities .

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association ( IHRA ) Surakarta Abdullah Suwarno sure where the various museums in the city can attract tourists . " Moreover , with the reopening of the Library Radya quite legendary , " he said . According to him , foreign tourists staying at the hotel have a high interest to visit the museum .


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