Monday, April 14, 2014

Slump Democratic votes in Jakarta, Council Members Said It

Democratic Party members of City Council accused Ahmad Nawawi " dawn raid " to influence voters into causes deterioration of votes the party in Jakarta .

" The dawn attack did in fact exist, do not lie . Proof aplenty that attack our party . 's No need I mention his party . Called What 's great democracy , " Nawawi said when met at the Parliament Building Jakarta , Monday ( 14/4 / 2014 ) .

According to Nawawi , the decline in the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives also affect the party's vote totals in the Capital City . Even so , he realizes that he and a cadre of other Democrats are less close to the community . He argued , people do not look at the party , but seeing persona .

On that occasion , Nawawi denied reports that a lot of the stress of having a cadre of Democrats no longer have seats in parliament . According to him , most candidates fail the stress occurring outside Jakarta . He hopes cadres Democrats in Jakarta do not become stressed if it fails to qualify for Parliament .

Nawawi himself a candidate for the legislature in South Jakarta Dapil 7 ( Tebet , Mampang , Pasar Minggu, Jagakarsa , and Jewel ) with serial number 8 . " I hear it in my constituencies , Democrats can only be one seat in parliament . " Tsunami "in the above the impact to the bottom , " said Nawawi .
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Based on the results of the quick count by the Indonesian Survey Circle ( LSI ) , the Democratic Party in Jakarta only gained 7.36 percent of the vote . With the vote for it , Democrats are expected to receive just eight seats in Parliament for the period 2014-2019 . The total number of contested City Council seats is 106 .

Acquisition was down considerably compared with the results of the 2009 elections . When the Democrats became the winner in Jakarta with 32 of 94 seats in Parliament .


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