Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jokowi Want To Remove Monopoly Supply Cut chicken in Jakarta

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo want to remove the monopoly supply of food , particularly chicken pieces , to the capital . Jakarta Provincial Government has been exploring cooperation with the Provincial Government of Lampung to achieve this goal .

First , Jakarta Provincial Government through PD Pasar Jaya enterprises will invest some money into a chicken farm in Lampung to increase supply . Second , PD Pasar Jaya , and will invest in the construction of a new abattoir in Lampung .

" The surplus , we ( the government ) that hold the logistic distribution . Not held by a person as long as two or three ," said Jokowi in the poultry farms in the district Tegineneng , Lampung , on Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) afternoon .

Note PD Pasar Jaya , Jakarta broiler consumption could reach 650 thousand head per day , or almost 20 million per month . During this time , the need is met by many around the area of Java and Sumatra . However , parties who refuse Jokowi monopolize distribution .

Jokowi continue , the government will distribute broiler chicken pieces to the set of entrepreneurs in the city . After that , a chicken entrepreneur who sold it to the consumer . Therefore , he asked the businessman chicken pieces in Jakarta do not have to worry about its role was taken over by the government .

" We take the distribution alone . Due to the problem of food security in Jakarta , " said Jokowi .

Race Chairman Poultry Association Lampung Agus Wahyudi said , broiler production in Lampung farms reached 13.5 million per month . Of this amount , 30 percent is distributed to Jakarta .

" If there is more demand so sure we can afford . Breeders us there are 2,000 farmers in Lampung . Surely we are more active , " he added .
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Observation Kompas.com , blusukan Jokowi at the chicken farm about 20 minutes . Jokowi briefed by the Chairman of the Association of Poultry Race Lampung and Lampung provincial government officials entered the house contains thousands of chickens .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Failure Parliament Political Money Signs 5 Years Ahead

DPP Chairman of Golkar Party Hajriyanto Y Thohari considers rampant money politics during 9 April 2014 legislative elections could be a picture of the failure of the parliament in the next five years . According to him , money politics will hinder step clean and competent candidates to occupy the legislature .

" Candidates - candidates who play the politics of money is not going to make positive changes in parliament . Instead there were political agents that the money will continue to grow , " said Hajriyanto in Building Complex MPR / DPR RI , Jakarta , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

Vice Chairman of the Assembly that said , there are several causes of the rise of money politics in this election . One is the electoral system that is too personal , no longer proportional party as in previous elections . It facilitate direct interaction between the candidates and the people who become the object of political money .

Education and economic pressure factors also facilitate political dealings with the public money . Political money is also considered to be a culture in the organization of the democratic party . " Promiscuous village head also familiarized play money , as well as choosing the headman , head of the region . So , in pileg or election would be the question , ' How come baseball play money ? '" He said .
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Responding to this , he asked the organizer and supervisor of elections , the Election Commission and the Election Supervisory Board , to be able to change the political paradigm that relies clean of cheating money politics .


CCTV thief in Depok Enter to Toilet

Medika Clinic on Highway Margonda No. 228 / H , Depok , disatroni thieves . Performers are expected to more than one person is successfully carried off a number of valuable items after ruffling some room , Monday, April 21, 2014 .

Not only ruffled , perpetrators also damaged the CCTV or surveillance camera that is by soaking it in a toilet . This case was discovered this morning , when a new caretaker comes clinic .
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" Computers and files compromised , CCTV cameras ditoilet soaked , damaged all . I do not know how many total losses , which clearly fit coming already a mess, " said one of the guards Acong in the clinic .

It is not certain what the total loss because the clinics are reluctant to comment on the case . In fact , one of the clinic's party could expel journalists doing reporting .

" I ask that you remove all of the existing image . I do not want this case to be reported. Already you go out alone , " said Ira , a woman who claimed responsibility in the clinic .

The perpetrator , who is expected to sign in with a way to break through the roof of the clinic , is expected to perform an action at night . There are three CCTV cameras were destroyed .

" While there are three CCTV cameras were destroyed . We are still doing further investigation , " said one member of the Depok Police investigator .


Friday, April 18, 2014

This Institutional Investors Optimistic JCI Translucent 5,300

One of the major institutional investors in the stock market , Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) Employment optimistic composite stock price index ( JCI ) at the end of 2014 may break the 5,300 .

Investment Director Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) Employment Haryadi Jeffery said , the pediksi economic studies conducted by a team of analysts BPJS ago in early 2014 .

These levels can be achieved if the election both the legislative and presidential elections can be run safely and smoothly .

"If the election is safe, smooth , fine, no turmoil , we are sure to reach 5,000 to 5,300 . If you ignore this aspect of the election in 4900 until 5000 , " Jeffery said on the sidelines of the Press Gathering at the Jayakarta Hotel , Bandung , Thursday ( 17 / 4/2014 ) night .

An analysis of the JCI movement into one thing done BPJS . This is because BPJS allocate some funds to invest in stocks , bonds and other securities .
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Currently BPJS still run three types of guarantee schemes , among others, Safety Assurance , Old Age Security and Security Death is still in accordance with the scheme of Social Security while still a PT ( Persero ) .

" Currently, the realization of the investment in the first quarter of 2014 amounted to Rp 4.5 trillion . With JCI to a level that would later help the target at the end of the year we invest around Rp 15.8 trillion , " said Jeffery .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Philips W6618 , Smartphone with Jumbo Battery

Philips has created a smartphone with a jumbo battery power capacity , through Philips W6618 .

Reporting from phonearena , indeed earlier , some vendors have been producing handsets that offer the powerful battery . As in earlier this month , Chinese mobile phone manufacturer , Eton Thor producing an Android smartphone that has a 5,000 mAh battery which is impressive . And now Philips presenting the latest smartphone that comes with a larger battery capacity , ie 5.300mAh .
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Philips W6618 released in China yesterday ( 176/4 ) at a price of USD $ 273 ( 1,699 CNY in local currency ) . Power capacity of 5,300 mAh battery ( non- removable ) can provide standby time of more than two months ( 66 days or 1604 hours ) and talk time up to 33 hours non-stop .

This phone orchestrated Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean , 5 -inch diagonal screen with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels , dual SIM capability , the power of quad-core 1.3GHz processor MediaTek , and supported 1GB of RAM , 4GB of internal memory , and microSD card support . Having a body thickness of 11.6mm , the phone is quite thick . But this is understandable , given the size of the jumbo battery .

Typically , Philips smartphones available only in Asia , though some are also sold in the European market . Unfortunately, Philips has not provide information on whether Philips W6618 also be released outside of China .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Interlocking Seized, Cassowary Owned Former Army Disappear

Animal Rescue Center ( PPS ) Tasikoki feel cheated . Because when they accompany the Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) when will confiscate Cassowary , the protected animals had disappeared from his cage , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) . Whereas the previous day , the bird was still in the cage .

Cassowary is an endemic species from the Papuan , is owned by HP , a former Marine who lives in the Village of Sukur , Environment V , District Airmadidi , North Minahasa .

Willy Smith of PPS Tasikoki deplore the loss of a cassowary . In fact , according to him , when BKSDA yesterday failed to seize the bird, it tries to involve the police .

"Earlier we were to North Minahasa district police , as they were yesterday invited to coordination . Discussion there we can do for the foreclosure cassowary . , But as to the location , the bird was gone , " said Smith .

It is probable , says Smith , the Cassowary deliberately moved by its owners that can not be seized . The bird foreclosure efforts have been done three times . In any foreclosure effort , the owner kept dodging . Smith hopes that relevant parties should pay attention to this in earnest .

" We also will continue to oversee this, because it set a bad precedent in the wildlife rescue efforts in Indonesia , " said Smith .
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Failure foreclosure protected animals owned by residents are common . According to Smith , many years of experience in wildlife rescue program , which has the animal actually officials and businessmen .


What impact Radya Museum Library opened?

Surakarta tourism businesses welcomed the reopening of the Museum Radya Library to close for eight months due renovated . They convinced the museum with a fresh look that could attract tourists.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies ( ASITA ) Surakarta , Darsono , said the travel agency market is getting excited tourist attraction in the city . " Tourist attraction museum has a special market share big enough , " he said , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

Marketing tourism is also supported strategic location of the museum , which is in the region Sriwedari . " Still a building complex with the Puppet People , " he said . In addition , the museum is also close to the Museum Batik Danarhadi are also quite popular .
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According Darsono , Radya Library has a uniqueness that is different from other museums because it is one of the oldest museums in Indonesia . Radya Collections Library also quite interesting , including objects and ancient books . Structuring collections are increasingly organized after the renovation is believed to attract the attention of visitors .

Darsono said some travel agencies in Surakarta already interested in selling tour packages museums . The package is a mainstay Danarhadi Batik Museum and Library Radya . Moreover , Surakarta is currently also building Keris Museum which is also located in Sriwedari . "We can park once visited three museums , " he said .

Even so , it hoped the government also pay attention to the level of the museum visit is still quite small . According Darsono , the government should create a special policy to increase tourist visits to the museum .

One of the policies that can be taken is to direct the activities of organized school excursion to prioritize the visit to the museum . In addition , she hopes school in Central Java also prioritize visited museums in the province in excursion activities .

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association ( IHRA ) Surakarta Abdullah Suwarno sure where the various museums in the city can attract tourists . " Moreover , with the reopening of the Library Radya quite legendary , " he said . According to him , foreign tourists staying at the hotel have a high interest to visit the museum .