Wednesday, May 21, 2014

There JK and Hatta, New Government Will Remain Pro Market

Indonesia's economy like it or not focused on the market . In addition to market orientation , merajarelanya imported goods in traditional markets is one proof of Indonesia's economy also has a dependency on imported goods .

Research Director of Research & Consulting Saiful Mujani ( SMRC ) Djayadi Hanan said , the upcoming presidential difficult to make radical changes in the economic field . According to him , the figure of vice-presidential candidate in the next election ( Jusuf Kalla and Hatta Radjasa ) very pro-market .

" For example, from the pros to the market is not pro-market . Jokowi Because there JK , IN Prabowo there Hatta equally pro- market and even market players , tough no radical change in the economy , " said Hanan Djayadi in discussions " Prediction of Indonesian Economic Direction post- Election " in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .
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Djayadi explains , there are several causes of the next president is difficult to do a radical change in the economic field . First , the current multi-party system makes maximum Presidential system is not as strong parliamentary House of Representatives .

" While in the multi-party system , the president is difficult to remove the radical policies , including in parliament on the economy because we are stronger , " he said .

Second , ministerial positions directly related to the economic tendency is always occupied by the party . It would be contradictory because of the interest of a group to where it should be oriented to the people .

Therefore , Djayadi suggested, that the ministries which are directly related to the economy occupied by professional people -oriented to the interests of the people .

" Certain strategic posts should not be given to the political parties , such as economics minister and Minister of State, which is directly related to the economy , " he said .


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