Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Temperature extremes north pole, 3 types of these eagles migrate to Indonesia

ProFauna Indonesia says there are three types of eagles that are currently being migrated to Indonesia . The reason , because the polar region to climate change that caused the crisis of food for the hawks .( see also: lomba burung )

Observers eagle from ProFauna Indonesia , Astuti Made in Malang , Wednesday ( 23/10 ) , said the three types of eagles that are being migrated to Indonesia it was kind of Alap China ( Accipiter soloensis ) , Nippon Alap hawk ( Accipiter gularis ) , and eagle Sikep Asian Honey ( varnish ptilorhynchus ) .

" In the northern hemisphere it is winter , so the hawks looking for a warm place to look for food . Due to the winter they will have difficulty obtaining food , " Made Astuti said on the sidelines of hawk migration observation in the City of Stone Mountain Lots .

As reported by Reuters , Made explained , Alap eagle China comes from China . Route that bypassed the group who migrated to Indonesia eagle it is from China to Thailand , Malaysia , Singapore , Riau , Jambi , Palembang , Lampung , Java , and continues to East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) .

Typically , said Made , migrating hawks that will settle in the province or Sulawesi . The eagle glad migrate to Indonesia because it is the tropics and many types of food .

According to him , from the observations so far, at the time of migration , the eagle help control agricultural pests , such as snakes , rats , squirrels , and other types of insects , including grasshoppers .

Each stop somewhere , he said , the group was resting eagle about two days and then went on again and it's usually where they rest in the mountains . " Therefore , we observe the migration of various types of eagles in Stone Mountain Lots , " he said .

Meanwhile hawk migration route Nipon ( Japan ) to Indonesia through Taiwan , the Philippines , and went to Borneo . However , both China and the eagle Nipon Eagles will return to their respective countries around January to March .

For route and the number of eagles that return to their home areas , ProFauna had never recorded because of the weather , so the only recorded his arrival only.

Typically , said Made , a group of migrating hawks that can be up to 50 animals . Migration that happens every day , especially in September and October . In September they had departed migration , to Java in October .

" Three types of eagles that usually can migrate together . Nearly every day thousands of migrating hawks , " he said .

Eagle fly different systems with other bird species . Eagle harness geothermal , the more heat , the higher they fly .( see also: lomba burung kenari )

" Geothermal is to accelerate the rollout to the destination . If the above at 12.00 , they are flying high between 2000-4000 meters above sea level ( masl ) , " he said , explaining .


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